This is such a good example of this kind of thing “that is not supposed to go on”. Victims were sucked into a cult. Some of them were branded in sexualised, ritualised contexts. Look at the diagram from Wikipedia

This is a real thing. There have been convictions. Wikipedia lists the other cases and arrests. The entire thing is similar to many, many allegations of this kind of thing going on in Hollywood. With the Clinton’s. It’s uncovering is prevalent in the QAnon movement. Yet the media continue to make statements about “dangerous conspiracy theories”. Are they stupid, or are they in bed with these kind of criminals ? The offensive and sickening abandonment of victims and survivors has an eroding effect. Maybe we did imagine it all ? Then a case such as the above turns up and I feel compelled to tell the world and especially victims and survivors who have had their experiences minimised by abusers and criminals but, inexcusably, especially by “mental health” systems and worst of all the media.

Shit happens. NXIVM proves it.